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it sought. But it will be up to a jury to decide whether McDonnell crossed the line between cash for access Adidas Tubular Size

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decide whether the more than $165,000 they received in gifts and loans from a Virginia businessman, plus the weight they threw behind his experimental dietary supplement, amounted to corruption. The former governor has apologized for taking these gifts and maintains he didn't do anything illegal. Star Scientific, the company in question, did not receive government contracts or the research money Adidas Tubular High Tops

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Since the indictment is valid something the judge reviewed in deciding against dismissal there is no need to release the material, he wrote. The McDonnells also sought separate trials, with the couple's attorneys saying that Maureen McDonnell would likely take the Fifth Amendment if she and her husband were tried together. In separate trials, she could impart crucial testimony to help exonerate her husband, they said. They said Maureen McDonnell had a number of one on one meetings with Jonnie Williams, Star Scientific's former CEO and the expected star witness in the federal government's case.

Fourth Circuit has said "fall under the umbrella of 'official acts. '"The judge also denied a motion to strip information from the indictment about Maureen McDonnell's dabbling in Star Scientific stock. Spencer wrote that the transactions, and their alleged concealment, may point toward an intent to defraud and a "consciousness of guilt. "He also denied McDonnell motions to release recordings of federal prosecutors pitching their case to the grand jury that indicted the couple.

Spencer wrote that defendants indicted together should generally be tried together, an.

so common in modern politics and outright corruption, Judge James Spencer wrote in one of several orders filed Tuesday. The judge also Adidas Tubular X Knit addressed a key point in the McDonnell legal team's argument: That the federal indictment never accused him of specific "official acts" on Star Scientific's behalf, just general support for the business and its products.

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