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Horror Picture Show. Since the debate was held at the local United Steelworkers hall, and the two federal area ridings are held by NDP members, there was no horror, but neither was there a clear attempt to expand the party beyond its base. Seven of the eight candidates gathered pointedly not to thrash it out for the leadership, which will be decided in a convention in Toronto next month. Adidas Tubular X Brian Topp, Thomas Mulcair, Peggy Nash, Nathan Cullen, Paul Dewar, Niki Ashton and Martin Singh took the stage. Romeo Saganash bowed out for personal reasons.

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Put them together and you have a country with the government at every table. Forcing companies to process minerals in Canada sounds Adidas Tubular 93 Black White

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debate showed the leadership candidates are doing what the Ugly Re.

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patriotic, but it also might leave some mines dormant while investors await a more business friendly climate. Still, Canadians see a basic unfairness not just in what Caterpillar did, but how it did it, offering employees an unacceptable 50% cut in pay. If that storyline can be packaged and mailed to the blame of the Conservatives in Ottawa, voters could gravitate to the NDP to protest government inaction on protecting Canadians from foreign predators.

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Among them, they discussed restrictions on foreign takeovers of Canadian companies, ensuring natural resources are processed in Canada, higher corporate taxes, blocking the Northern Gateway pipeline project, proportional representation in federal elections, replacing the Indian Act, maintaining the Old Age Security eligibility at 65, reducing tuition for post secondary students, acting on climate change, creating a national pharmacare program, increasing the reach of Canada Health Act and limiting bonuses for bank executives. In there was a promise to show the NDP is "capable on the economy. " That singular nod to economic responsibility without trashing business came from Singh, who runs pharmacies and residential care facilities in Nova Scotia and Ontario. Each of these Adidas Tubular For Girls

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issues could be debated on its plausible merits.

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