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Adidas Tubular Woven Green

Adidas Tubular Woven Green

Adidas Tubular Woven Green

Adidas Tubular Woven Green

Adidas Tubular Woven Green

But solving the problem may not be as easy as bringing more jobs to the area and helping people get a better education. That because for many Native Americans living in poverty the source of the problem goes back to more than a century of cultural oppression. "It hard, it is, but we just need to change ourselves and how to adapt. What happened in the Adidas Tubular With Strap

Adidas Tubular Woven Green

Adidas Tubular Woven Green

grew up in Rapid City and knows poverty first hand. But she says that there are opportunities out there for everyone, and that the answer to the problem of poverty must come from within the Native American community.

past, leave it there because it just working against us," Bissonette said. The 17 year old Adidas Tubular Radial White

Adidas Tubular Woven Green

 and then it will be exciting to see what happens," Van Dyke said. RAPID CITY, SD Poverty can happen to anybody. But in Rapid City, it a problem that disproportionately affects Native Americans. "It feels like all the odds are against us because of what we going through, and I don think that fair," Mariah Bissonette of Rapid City said. Census Bureau put Rapid City at the top of a list of cities with high poverty rates among Native Americans, with 51 percent of its Indian population living Adidas Tubular Woven Green in poverty. "The number is unacceptable, and the response is a two pronged approach Adidas Tubular Grey Fleece

which is an approach that already underway," Rapid City Mayor Sam Kooiker said. Kooiker says the city is working on attracting more and better paying jobs to the Black Hills, and expaning educational opportunities.

Adidas Tubular Woven Green

Adidas Tubular Woven Green

Adidas Tubular Woven Green

"It doesn matter who you are and it doesn matter what color your skin is, you can make it. And there people out there that are willing to help you but you need to apply yourself," Bissonette said. South Dakota also ranked at the top of the list for states with the highest number of Native Americans living in poverty at just more than 48 percent. Poverty is defined by the government as a single person living on less than $15,000 per year, or a family of four bringing in less than $23,000. Thursday, April 20, 2006EDT (0900 UTC) on Thursday, Ontario Provincial Police officers arm.

Adidas Tubular Woven Green

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