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ily photos, according to Medicaid records provided by DCF. "These are services that Adidas Originals Tubular Runner Gold

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most people's loved ones would be providing without compensation, and it causes us to questions what the purpose of these contracts are really for," Follick said. DCF officials said the loopholes allow patients to unfairly divert assets and are costing the taxpayer funded Medicaid program millions of dollars a year. The agency tracked 538 cases over six years and found that Medicaid spent more than $29 million in services Adidas Tubular Defiant Color Block

Connecticut enacted a law that allows people to sign over rights to the state only if the healthy spouse can.

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still lives in the couple's home and is allowed to have assets including personal income, a car and up to roughly $115,000 a year in the bank. "Taxpayers shouldn't be subsidizing nursing home care for the wealthy. And with Medicaid being expanded in the future, it's more important now than ever that we make sure that every dollar is being spent correctly," Follick said.

for people whose spouses were financially stable but had signed over financial support to the state so Medicaid would pay for the nursing Adidas Tubular Invader Price home. Officials could have recovered $24 million from those spouses under federal law, but the state currently lacks a process to do, DCF officials said.

Here's how it works: The healthy spouse legally turns over the patient spouse's financial support to the state. The healthy spouse Adidas Tubular Low Top

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There are no federal or state policies that prohibit patients from transferring funds and assets to family and friends they hire to fill caregiver roles. Florida, New York and Connecticut struggle with this problem, likely because they have a strong sector of elder law experts who advise clients to take advantage of the loophole, welfare officials said. In New York, Medicaid attorneys have to open a lawsuit before the state supreme court to try to recoup money from a person who has signed over a spouse's financial support to the state. They typically only open cases involving couples with assets of more than $100,000.

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