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the reason for the public holiday (again, without which daytime footy on a Adidas Tubular Green Women Friday would never Adidas Tubular White On Feet

Adidas Tubular Green Women

the public h.

Adidas Tubular Green Women

Adidas Tubular Green Women

As with Anzac Day, Good Friday is a public holiday. Were it not a public holiday, there would be no thought of footy on Friday afternoon AFL or local. So there should be no competition for the event for which the public holiday is granted from any other public event(s). The public holiday on Good Friday originates in a long tradition of honouring the death of Jesus Christ. It provides the opportunity, while not compelling anyone, for people to attend services being held in recognition of that event. Most Good Friday church services begin at 3pm, the traditional time of the Death of Jesus, and conclude around 4.

Adidas Tubular Green Women

Adidas Tubular Green Women

Adidas Tubular Green Women

Adidas Tubular Green Women

ic holiday status in order to allow Australians to remember with respect and gratitude the sacrifice of those who died and suffered in war in defence of our nation. Those who so choose may attend the events that commemorate that sacrifice but it not compulsory. But none of us play sport, go shopping or do business on Anzac Day unless and until those events have been completed usually about 1pm. After 1pm, those other activities are permitted, including the Collingwood/Essendon clash at the MCG. This always begins with a short service, including Last Post and one minute of silent reflection, recognising the reason for which the public holiday has been given in the first place. This observance of Anzac Day has the ongoing approval of the vast majority of Australians. It is a valid and helpful guide in assessing the current proposal of the AFL to schedule a senior game on Good Friday.

Adidas Tubular Green Women

be considered) should not have to compete with other public activities including organised football. Once these Good Friday observances are observed, then other public activities are no longer with the reason for Adidas Tubular Shadow Cardboard

Adidas Tubular Green Women

Adidas Tubular Green Women

30pm or 5pm. If we allow time to to the game (so as not to with the reason for the holiday), then no match should start before 6. 30pm. It is logical, reasonable and consistent to argue that, like Anzac Day, Adidas Tubular Shadow Knit White

Adidas Tubular Green Women

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