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a sudden collapse in the back garden of the family home at Oakley Rd, Ranelagh, on Jun 2, 2011.

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resulting in some degree of hypernatraemia elevated sodium levels causing intense thirst and water intoxication with dilutional hyponatraemia leading to acute cerebral oedema o.

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the day of his death, Mr McGuire had complained he did not "feel right", and stopped taking the salts, but he continued to drink a lot of water. The autopsy found he had suffered tonsillar herniation due to swelling of the brain which pathologist Dr Ciarn Riain attributed to hyponatraemia an electrolyte disturbance caused by lower than normal sodium levels. He said this may have been due to water intoxication and the salts could have been a contributing factor. At yesterday's court, coroner Dr Brian Farrell said he had consulted with a UK based expert who confirmed that, although very rare, there have been cases of sudden collapse from water intoxication.

fragile plant species that keep the soil in place. This allows ranching to thrive while also sustaining wildlife that feed on the plants. Drain water from beneath these plants and they might die, leading to dust storms and destroying the area economy. A healthy young man died when he drank too much water after taking salt supplements which led to intense thirst, an inquest Adidas Tubular Black Gold was told. Luke McGuire, 26, died after suffering Adidas Tubular Viral Women's All Black

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He said the sequence of events leading to Mr McGuire's death began with the intake of sodium salts Adidas Original Tubular Runner Weave

Dublin Coroner's Court heard excessive water intake had diluted the sodium in Mr McGuire's system leading to swelling in the brain and his sudden death. A previous court sitting heard Mr McGuire was following a vegan diet developed by Robert Young, a US alternative medicine advocate, and taking salt supplements labelled "Young Phorever pHour Salts" and "Young Phorever PuripHy" purchased on the internet. Analysis of the salts showed they have no medicinal value but are harmless when taken as instructed. He also had a scheduled regime of very high water intake.

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